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Steven Colver: Tylar Witt killed her mother

PLACERVILLE, CA - Steven Colver, charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend's mother, claims Tylar Witt, the girlfriend, acted alone in killing Joanna Witt.

Tylar said, "Boston (Colver's nickname), I did it. I finally did it. My mom's gone forever," Colver testified on the stand Thursday afternoon in El Dorado County Superior Court.

Joanne Witt, 47, was stabbed to death in the bedroom of her El Dorado Hills home in June 2009.

Colver said he covered Witt's body with a Sponge Bob blanket.

Earlier, Colver recounted for the court he was taking classes at Folsom Lake College while working full-time at a Rubio's restaurant when he met the then 14-year-old Tylar Witt at a local coffee shop. He told the court she asked him to guess how old she was and he said 16. She said yes, Colver said. He was 19.

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OJ Simpson attorney aids defense in Colver-Witt murder case

PLACERVILLE, CA - The Steven Colver murder trial took a break from witness testimony Wednesday morning, as an El Dorado County Superior Court judge heard arguments whether new DNA evidence should, or should not, be admitted in the case. 

Robert Blazier, a member of the OJ Simpson legal "dream team," was there to assist Colver's defense attorney, Dain Weiner. Blazier is an expert on DNA testimony.

Prior to the 9:30 a.m. hearing with Judge Daniel Proud, neither the defense nor prosecution would specify the evidence. The hearing was closed to everyone except the defense and prosecution, and jurors were not present to hear the arguments put before Proud.

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Racist gravestones stolen from El Dorado cemetery

EL DORADO COUNTY, CA - Two racist grave markers that were destined to be destroyed have been stolen from a pioneer cemetery in El Dorado County.

They were among 36 markers placed at the Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery in 1954 when the graves were moved from the Negro Hill Cemetery, which was flooded by Folsom Lake.

The 1954 markers used the "N" word instead of Negro, for which the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has formally apologized.

The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors last month approved a plan to replace the offensive markers with new granite stones that will read "UNKNOWN - MOVED FROM NEGRO HILL CEMETERY BY U.S. GOVERNMENT - 1954."

A spokesman for the California Prison Industries Authority, which is providing inmate labor to replace the offensive markers, said PIA officials met with El Dorado County sheriff's deputies at the cemetery Tuesday morning.

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Tylar Witt's love letters read in court

PLACERVILLE, CA - The murder trial of Steven Colver, charged with killing his former girlfriend's mother nearly two years ago, continued in an El Dorado County courtroom Tuesday.

On the stand, a detective from the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department read letters purportedly from the ex-girlfriend, Tylar Witt, to Colver. The letters were found in the trunk of the car Colver was using when he and Witt were captured in the Bay Area a few days after the June 11 or 12, 2009 fatal stabbing of Witt's mother, Joanna Witt, in her El Dorado Hills home.

One of the letters from Tylar, who was then 14, details intimate relations between the couple. In it, Witt said it felt like "ages" since the two touched.

The letter concluded:

I know one day I will never have to go another day without your never-ending and eternal love. The love that makes my life worth living, the love that makes me the happiest I will ever be.

Wagon Train and BBQ Rib Cook-Off - June 11

Merchants and visitors on Placerville's Historic Main Street anxiously await the arrival of the Highway 50 Association's Wagon Train each year. It is a proud tradition that celebrates our historic heritage in the heart of El Dorado County. Many business owners and employees dress up in western or pioneer attire and decorate their windows to tie in with the historic theme.

This year, the Placerville Downtown Association has many new or rekindled events planned in honor of the Wagon Train's arrival (the train will proceed through around 2 pm) on June 11th. The Main Street activities will run from 12pm to 6pm, and the street will be closed for the safety and enjoyment of the public. 

Toogood winery releases their newest creation: Havana Red Lady

Toogood winery releases their newest creation: Havana Red Lady



The Magnificent Toogood Estate Winery, home to the state’s most exotic, eclectic and eccentric collection of proprietary blends, has delivered once again with the release of our newest creation, Havana Red Lady.

Those of you who cherished the beguiling aromas and flavors of the partner wine, Havana Red Man, will love Lady’s elegance, power and exuberance. The bracing aromas of candy apple, vanilla, cherry pie, and spice will entrance you.